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The Constitution is the single most important document the world has ever known.

This site is purely informational. We aim to create a place where people can exchange ideas and information about preserving our liberty. Please send contributions to

The Constitution With Quill Pen

The Constitution

Dear Family,

America is the Greatest Land on Earth
The only things in life that even come close to the love I feel for my family, is the love of God and our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Next is my love for this country, The United States of America. In my view, it is the greatest land on the face of the earth, a choice land above all other lands.

Preserve The Constitution
This little note is about the latter. This nation and why we should do all in our power to preserve it in it's constitutional form. I believe that it is in peril, I have thought so for many years as our representatives in government have ignored, or expanded the meaning of the constitution in order to legislate bills and laws that infringe on our rights in various ways. Much has been done in the name of good, that in reality take away our freedom.

I am trying to regrain from telling you all I know, my goal is to motivate and encourage you to read and learn for yourselves the history, and decide for yourselves where your core beliefs and values lie.

My purpose for it is that there is going to come a time very soon that if you don't know what you believe regarding the Constitution and government, you will quite possibly be confused by the rhetoric and speeches of politicians.

The Doctrine and Covenants in section 191, verse 80, says the Constitution was written by wise men that were raised up by God unto this very purpose. In section 98, verses 5 thru 8, it says that we should obey the law that is constitutional, but if it is more or less than what is given, it cometh of evil.

Further Reading to Understand The Constitution
There is much information and many books that give the history of this nation and its founders. i suggest that each of you, children included, so they can withstand the false history being taught in the schools, read and learn about the founding of this nation. I can suggest that you read "The Five Thousand Year Leap", by W. Cleon Skousen, also "The Making of America", by Brother Skousen. Read "The Federalist Paper", which will give you the correct explanations of Articles in the Constitution. Read the actual documents, "The Declaration of Independence" and "The Constitution", with it's amendments.

Know What Side to be on Politically
If you read these things, you will no longer be at the mercy of those who would mislead you about what is right and wrong regarding the government and the supreme law of the land, which is the Constitution.

Then, when the forces of evil line up against this Nation, you will have no doubt about which side you should be on.

I apologize to any of you who may be offended by this: I am trying to leave a legacy of truth to my family. I made the decision to present you with this book as a beginning for you to search for truth as you see it, it is, after all, what you believe the truth to be, but in order to really know, you have to go back to the beginning and build a foundation on which to measure and determine who at this time is trying to have a government that is trying to follow the law of the land.

It is not an issue of political parties anymore, all have gone astray to some degree at certain times. Be a defender of truth and what is right. Don't believe all you hear from anyone. Seek for your own core values and use them to guide you.

Freedom is a Priceless Jewel
The end of it all is my total and firm belief in freedom. It is the whole reason that this nation has been so successful. It is the one thing that is worth fighting for. It is the jewel that is more precious than anything you may possess. Without freedom life is dull, mundane, unfulfilled, and all for naught.

I cannot express powerfully enough how valuable and how necessary freedom is for happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, and prosperity. It all hangs on our being free.

Total freedom is impossible with reliance on government for our existence. It requires a deep self reliance. Freedom is worth whatever it costs.




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